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Reveal Fresher Healthier Clear Skin

Clear Pimples, Blackheads and Bumps. Brightens & Tones

Nutrient-rich Lychee Essential Oil

Improve The Texture, Tone Appearance Of Your Skin. Improves Blood Circulation

Gentle Exfoliates Dead Skin

Hydrates And Nourishes. Make the skin more delicate, brighter the skin while exfoliating and moisturizing

Removes Dull & Dry Skin

Loaded With Antioxidants. Nourishing & Deep Moisturizing


Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Promoting blood circulation

Retinol Cream

Moisturizing,Anti-aging,Repair Damage

Beard Oil

Softens,Nourishes,Fregrance Free,Growth Promotion


Bamboo Charcoal ,Blackhead Remove


Collaboration Mode — Choose the right way to cooperate according to different customer needs

Your Own Brand

Just Tell Us Your Brand Name And Easily Own The Exclusive Cosmetics Brand

Sample Customization

Just Give Us The Samples,You Will Own International Big-Brand Quality Products

Semi-Finished Supply

No Need Filling and Packing
More Convenient, More Flexible, Faster

R&D Advantage

 Reasons For Choose Us, Pursue a better formula, Make Better Product

TULIPANO has independent research and development laboratories, 15 engineers, more than 20 R & D personnel, thousands of mature maternal and child cosmetics processing, skin care products oem processing, essential oil production and processing, Chinese medicine mask processing and other formulas, with the ability to quickly develop customized research and development. TULIPANO introduction of several advanced equipment,ensure development accuracy

Cooperation with SUN YAT-SEN University

Cooperate with Sun Yat-sen University,With the ability to analyze raw materials with fine instruments, it can assist in the research and development of various cosmetic OEM formulations.

Cooperation with JINAN University

Cooperation with prestigious schools,To ensure the competitive advantage of EGF products.

Free Service

Various value-added services to solve all your worries

Free Proofing

1. Provide Sample to imitation proofing
2. Independent development according to customer requirements
3. Repeat proofing, Till satisfied

Free Design

1.Free design of a variety of boxes, bottles;
2.Provide multiple design options;

Free Planning

1.Recommend the most suitable solution for your positioning and product technology.
2.Free marketing guide
3.Free logistics solution

Peace Of Mind

All-round advantages and support,Easy To Own Your Brand

1. We are in Guangzhou

We located in Guangzhou, A city with strict quality supervision.The world’s largest cosmetics production base

2. Manufacturer's quality inspection

1).Physical and chemical testing of cosmetic odm semi-finished products: including PH etc.;
2). Microbiological examination of products: including detection of bacterial molds

3. Proposal Optimization

Make the recipe and design packaging that suits you best under your limited budget

4, Genuine Raw Materials

Imported raw materials: Signed direct supply contracts with international brand suppliers such as Bioland,Gattefosse, DSM, Seppic,Indena etc. Ensure the quality and price advantage of raw materials.

5.Efficient Production Line

TULIPANO have a production line of automatic mask filling machine and automatic sealing machine. It can finish 500,000 masks and 100,000 bottles per day.

6. Large Equipment

Various automatic emulsification equipment from 30-2000kg

7. Large Production Workshop

2000 square meter production workshops we have 3 and own 9 standard production lines

8. Standard Production Line

From filling – boxing – weighing – coding – plastic packaging – packing

Honor & Certificate

FDA ISO22716:2007

Intertek GMPC

Production License

Executive Director of China Health Management Promotion Alliance

China Health Management Forum Joint Organizer

China Leading company in the cosmetics industry

China Honest Enterprise Award

Member of Guangdong Cosmetics Industry Association



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