Company Profile

Tulipano Skin care is a professional skin care manufacturer and skin care export brands owner that is concerned with the design, development,and production. We provide the following ranges of products: Blackhead Mask, Face Serum, Face Mask, Moisturizer, Essential Oil,EGF product etc.

Our expertise in the fields of cosmetic chemistry and professional skincare manufacturing allows us to produce a range of premium, professional quality skin care productsWe also take pride in being an ISO 9001, GMP Compliant and ISO 22716 Certified Personal and Skincare Contract Manufacturer. Our 20,0000 sq. ft. the production facility is state-of-the-art and located in the Guangzhou China.

Our comprehensive private label skincare assortment includes everything from basic skincare to advanced technologies that deliver clarity,brightening, anti-aging benefits and more. Your profitable, personalized private label skincare business starts here.

Company Culture

Core Value

Craftsman’s Ingenuity, Conscience Formula, Conscience Products

Business Philosophy

Improve Every Detail Of Product, Let Quality Products Pleasure Customers, Serve Customers

Service Philosophy

Let customers profitable,Let Ourselves moer better

Corporate Vision

Become a respected company that provides beautiful health products