Raw Material Advantage

Raw materials used in the TULIPANO formula all from Industry famous brand such as below:

Bioland: Focus on international natural cosmeceutical ingredients

Seppic: LVMH, LAUDER, Arden long-term cooperation supplier

DSM: The world's largest nutritional raw material company

R&D Advantage

      The core management team of Tulipano skincare realized that as a unique cosmetics manufacturer offering OEM and ODM services, it is especially important to maintain its own research and development advantages.
       Tulipano skincare has invested heavily in its own R&D team. Our company now has many experienced and dedicated formula engineers.
      After years of technical accumulation, relying on skin science and biotechnology background, we have mastered the unique moment of condensation. Infiltration technology and intelligent micro-fine polymerization technology. The essential oil and cream are perfectly polymerized to wrap more active active ingredients, which makes the product have strong penetration and skin-friendly properties.

After a variety of sample comparisons, Tulipano skincare R&D team has been recognized for its R&D capabilities and R&D quality.

Cooperation with prestigious schools,To ensure the competitive advantage of EGF products.

Cooperate with medical school, have the ability to analyze raw materials with fine instruments, and can assist formula development

Production Advantage

Tulipano skincare production base is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It has 3 production workshops and two 2000-square warehouses with a total area of over 10,000 square meters.

The production workshop was built in accordance with the conditions required by GMP certification, and the production environment reached the national standard. In 2010, it passed the sanitation and production qualification audit and was officially put into production. All products undergo various physical and chemical tests, cold and heat resistance test and microbiological test before leaving the factory, and have a sample room to store each batch of production samples and regularly track the quality of the products, carefully manage each production link.

EGF Freeze-Dried Powder Production Line

We have automatic sealing machine, automatic mask filling machine, automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine and other advanced equipment, which can produce all kinds of skin care products in a timely and efficient manner.

Facial Mask Production Line

The maximum daily output of a mask line is 250,000 pieces. We have a number of high-speed production lines. The quality of the production process is also strictly controlled, with low defective products.

Other Shows

Tulipano skincare has a modern standard factory, workshop and air cleaning system, in which the filling room and the bacteria inspection room pass the 100,000-level inspection standard. Systematic separation of raw materials, finished products and packaging materials. We also welcome you to visit our factory.

Quality Advantage

Strict quality inspection process, Below is some of the routine testing projects
1.   Element Detection: lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium elements.
2.   Risk Substances Detection: 1,4-dioxane, acrylamide, phenol, hydroquinone, phthalate esters, resorcinol and other risk substances.
3.   Functional Ingredient Analysis of Raw Materials: quantitative and qualitative analysis of functional ingredients of raw materials.
4.   Allergy Source Detection: detection of allergens in semi-finished products.
5.   Semi-finished physical and chemical testing
6.   Mold bacteria detection
7.   Three general pathogen detection

Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

Switzerland METTLER V20 Volumetric Method Karl Fischer Moisture Meter

Vacuum Leak Machine

High And Low Temperature Circulation Box

America Agilent 7697A-7890B-5977A HS-GC-MS Headspace gas chromatography mass spectrometer

America Agilent 240 AA AAS Atomic absorption spectrometer

FHCS-6A FHCS-6A CNC corrosion resistant fume hood

Italy Milestone ETHOS UP-SK-15 Microwave Digestion System

America Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC

Certification System

Tulipano skincare organizes production in strict accordance with GMP requirements and implements a strict quality inspection system.

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